August 08, 2022

Referee Report Form


Referee Report Form

Special for referees

The referee puts 7 marks for the first option from each of the following 14 evaluations, and puts 5 marks for the second option, and puts 3 marks for the third option, and if the article was distinguished, he deserved the first option from most of the options and his score exceeded 95 and the opinion of the first referee matches the opinion of the other referees the researcher deserves the award for the distinguished research, and thus he is exempt from publication fees, and he receives a document proving thathe deserves the award, and his article is mentioned.

The estimate is calculated as follows:

From 90 to 100 is excellent

From 80 to 89 is very good

From 70 to 79 is good

60 to 69 is acceptable

From 59 and below is weak / not valid for publication

Enter a search mark of 100

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