August 08, 2022

Editorial Board

The New Humanitarian Knowledge Research Journal is concerned with making the editorial board international, multidisciplinary, and scientific oriented. It is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal which cooperates with qualified scholars in their fields of study and whose opinions are sought on multiple scientific issues, especially controversial ones.

General Director:

Prof. Ahmed Al-Nuaimi / Jordan

Editor in Chief

Prof. Eid Jallouli / Algeria

International Editorial Board:

Professor Dr. Tajuddin Al Manani / India

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Amine Ould Ann / Mauritania

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Fawaz / Jordan

Dr. Habib Akhrouf / France

Dr. Amal Obaid / Egypt

Dr. Hossam Al-Afouri / Jordan

Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassan / Jordan

Dr. Dia Nawali / Morocco

Dr. Samira Idris / Sudan

Dr. lina Al-Maharmeh/ Jordan

Managing editor

Dr. Insaf Badr

Dr. Turki bin Lili Al-Shalaqi / Saudi Arabia

Editorial Secretary:

Mrs. Maram Rahmoun

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