August 08, 2022

International numbering

Number and name

Numbering: The New Humanitarian Knowledge Research obtained the international numbering from the ISSN Center in Paris – France on 07/15/2020, after completing all the correspondence, procedures, conditions, and documents necessary to obtain this numbering. Globalism; Because the Paris-based ISSN numbering organization is a United Nations organization, and our international numbering is ISSN: 2708-7239 and the journal is looking forward to achieving future successes in terms of Scopus and Impact Factor.

Name: The name “New Human Knowledge Research” has been chosen to denote the journal’s desire to keep pace with the spirit of the times, and its openness to new ideas and creative ideas. Therefore, the journal pays special attention to research that contributes to the human knowledge.

Description: A world-class, refereed academic journal.

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